24 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Bernice & the Bear

    1. Thank you–it’s one of my favorites! Bernice is my 3rd great-aunt; she was born Bronislawa Sek in 1894 in Galicia, and she left for America in 1909 at the age of 15. This photo was taken back in Galicia a few decades later when she visited her family again. I’m not sure why she was dressed in “traditional” Polish attire, or why she was standing next to a “bear,” though!

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      1. Hi ! My name is Joanna Perlowski , my mom’s name is Bronislawa Zelasko ( Maslach ) . She is a niece of Bernice Kuźnicki Sek . My grandfather was Bernice’s youngest brother, his name was Jakub ( they have the same mother, but different fathers). Your 3rd great-aunt was born in a small village name Pysznica in Poland . I want to know if you have any contact with any closer family members. Please let me know. We lives in New Jersey .

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      2. Hi–it’s great to meet you! I know a few of Bernice and Dominic’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren through social media, but we haven’t met in person yet. I can definitely send you their contact information, and if you would be interested in any information about “my” side of the family tree (I’m a descendant of Dominic’s brother, Michael), please let me know!

        And Pysznica? I had no idea! Off to research more–

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      3. Hi . Pysznica (read Pishneetu) is a very small village in Poland ( South-east) next to Stalowa Wola . I can say we are part of family so definitely I’m interested of your story. Please be free to contact me ( 2468jwpl@gmail.com)

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    1. Bernice was visiting her family back in Poland decades after she left for New York! It was a once-in-a-lifetime trip–and after reading some of the comments, I’m guessing they were putting on a play.

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