13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: The Beaumont’s

  1. Silly question. In your opinion, would a historian be more or less likely to get their dna tested? What if they were pretty sure of roots? I just read a book and it made me ponder this question

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    1. Not a silly question! Hm…ok, I could see this hypothetical historian in particular deciding not to take a DNA test. If you’re sure of your roots/documentation, and you are only concerned with the “ethnicity estimates,” then why spend the money? The estimates differ between companies, too, and their distribution of reference populations is…well, a problem, to say the least.

      But the real value is in the cousin matching and shared DNA segments! You can help others solve adoption mysteries (or solve your own that you didn’t even know about!) by taking a DNA test. You can track the DNA segments you’ve inherited from different sets of ancestors, and you can “paint” those segments onto your chromosomes using DNA Painter. (Not to mention all of the health data on 23&Me.) Depends on the historian’s interest/knowledge of DNA testing and its applications, I guess, but I’d say that your historian would be less likely to get their DNA tested, as you’ve described them.

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