Pricing is calculated per hour based on your research goals. Factors that go into the hourly rate include: immigration research; multiple ancestor research; international research; and pre-1850s research. I’ll work with you to determine the hourly rate and timeline that meets your goals.




Each project begins with a conversation about your research goals. I’ll create a research plan and estimate a timeline that’s tailored to your individual interests, and you’ll have input every step of the way.




I’ll notify you with updates throughout the research process, and I’ll provide you with detailed documentation that backs up my conclusions. I’ll work with you to update the research plan as new discoveries are made and new challenges are met.




At the end of the research project, we’ll review my findings and assess them in light of your research goals. I’ll compile my research into a story of who you are and where you come from.




Have questions? Interested in a free estimate? Drop me a line at or reach out via the site’s contact form. I look forward to hearing from you!