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When I started researching my genealogy in 2011, I only had a few family stories to guide me: stories about a family bar in Dunkirk, New York, connections to the Mayflower and long-lost royal ancestors. Some relatives claimed that my great-grandfather was adopted; others, that he changed the family surname and grew up in Kentucky. One ancestor supposedly owned and operated a penny-candy store in Depression-era New York, while another was arrested for selling bathtub gin during the Prohibition era. In 2011, I hoped to confirm a few stories, find some new family photos and learn my great-grandparents’ names; ten years later, I have traced my tree back to Edward and Samuel Fuller on the Mayflower, found a common ancestor with the Wright Brothers and spent hours learning Polish and searching parish records from Kujawsko-Pomorskie.

I recently graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill (go heels!) where I studied public policy and history, and I use this background to analyze documents and inform the social and political circumstances surrounding my ancestors’ stories. I have a broad range of personal research experience, but I specialize in breaking down “brick walls,” following ancestral paper trails across the United States and searching for immigration records in Eastern and Central Europe. I enjoy meeting new relatives, hearing new family stories and finding new photographs, and while I’ll always be working on my personal family tree, I hope to help others compile their families’ stories and learn about their roots, as well.

Applegate Genealogy is where I’ll share research tips, new discoveries, random thoughts and interesting finds. If you’re searching for research advice and don’t know where to start, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I have extensive experience in genealogy research both in the United States and abroad, and I’m always excited to discuss genealogy. In the meantime, check out my blog or leave a comment below–I hope to hear from you soon!

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  1. What a lovely and inspiring blog! I’ve been doing this for a while and your research inspired me to get back into my own. You tell lovely stories and are very encouraging. Well done!

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    1. Thank you very much–this means a lot! I started this blog as a way to ground myself after a very crazy couple of year, I cannot believe my words have inspired others to start researching again. I cannot thank you enough for the kind words–all the best!


  2. I think I found my way here via “Our Little Red House’s” blog. The first post I read caught my attention because my surname is Tyler and I also have relatives named Alvin Tyler. I’ll be following along as you continue your genealogical journey.

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    1. I love that blog too! Thanks for stopping by; I have to admit, I’ve been MIA lately. This first year teacher thing is NO JOKE, but I’m updating everyone as I can–new post tomorrow. I’m really glad you’ve stumbled on my site, though!!!

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  3. Jamie: I saw your comment on Elizabeth Huhn’s blog – your comment about your New York City background. My Rogers family is (was) New York bound from late 1700’s through first half of 19th C. all lived in and around NYC, the early families on the lower east side of Manhattan. I’ve researched my family back to late 1700’s, and have a brick wall I’m hammering on with my 3X GGF and GGM. Y-DNA links are pretty reliably pointing to Quakers in NJ and PA/MD. Would like to correspond and exchange ideas.

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