Freckles & Cilantro: Reviewing AncestryDNA Traits

Ever wondered where your freckles came from? Or why you hate cilantro? The likelihood that an individual exhibits a certain phenotype is based, in part, on the presence or absence of markers in their genotype that are associated with specific traits. A few weeks ago, AncestryDNA unveiled a new feature–AncestryDNA Traits–that provides customers with insights … More Freckles & Cilantro: Reviewing AncestryDNA Traits

Janice & Joyce

Every year until I was in high school, my family would make the twelve-hour drive to Buffalo, New York to visit my maternal grandparents, Tom and Janice (Zielinski) Kuznicki. We would stay for a week or two at a time, and my sister and I would beg my grandmother to tell us stories the entire … More Janice & Joyce