7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Naturalization

    1. I’ve only found 3 nautralization records so far–I don’t think many are online (yet!). You’d have to send for them, which gets pretty expensive. I haven’t purchased any, but maybe one day!

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  1. I have included your blog in INTERESTING BLOGS in FRIDAY FOSSICKING at
    Thank you, Chris
    We are very fortunate here in Oz as we can get a lot of records for free, sometimes through TROVE articles (via the National Library Australia) and also our National Archives which has all WW1 service reords available free, if you’re lucky, some of the WWII reords are Open, thanks to those of us who have paid to have them released. I never mind the fact that they are released to all after I’ve paid for a particular record, as I benefit at times from whatever others have had released. I was lucky enough to be sent my grandfather’s naturalisation papers for free after a request re same. I also send the Archives all other documents I have so that others may benefit.

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    1. Thank you! All of these are public records in the US, as well, but they’re often stuck behind a paywall. I didn’t even think about this when I posted the document, though–I just thought it was a cool find! I really hope someone benefits from this post for their research. Fingers crossed!

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